Jack’s doing what he promised to do:

  • Seeing that Justice is done with integrity.

Jack RoadyDoing justice requires integrity, and Jack believes in doing the right thing for the right reason.  Jack’s commitment to maintaining public trust in the justice system led him to be named the State Bar of Texas “Prosecutor of the Year” in 2016.  His leadership helped Texas reach the forefront in reliable forensic science, particularly in the developing field of DNA analysis.  Jack has built a solid office that retains the highest quality prosecutors.  Jack and his team have a clear commitment to justice and have earned a reputation for making sure they get it right.  

  • Seeing that Justice is done effectively and efficiently.

As a prosecutor, Jack seeks harsh punishments for violent and repeat offenders, including the death penalty in appropriate cases. He also promotes smart, conservative reforms to combat recidivism and help non-violent, low-level offenders change their destructive behavior and become productive citizens.  Jack knows there's a difference between the criminals we're afraid of and those we're mad at, and he administers justice accordingly.  

As a conservative, Jack knows that government must be limited, effective and efficient. He has streamlined the District Attorney's Office budget while working to provide reasonable pay for those who do the demanding work of seeking justice.  Jack and his team of prosecutors collaborate with law enforcement leaders to identify and correct inefficiencies, provide critical training, and improve the quality of the more than 10,000 criminal cases that reach the courtrooms of Galveston County each year.  Under Jack's guidance, Galveston County prosecutors have become leaders in the State and are regularly called upon to train police and prosecutors alike.

  • Seeing that Justice is equal for everyone.

Jack is committed to treating everyone fairly in our justice system.  A prosecutor's duty is to see that justice is done.  That means the law applies to everyone, and no one can be above it or beyond it.  As District Attorney, Jack has worked to ensure that no one gets special treatment or is shown favoritism -- regardless of political party, influence, friendship, or wealth.  Jack is a community leader, heavily involved in faith-based and service organizations that meet the needs of men and women throughout our county.  He is committed to building bridges to overcome racial, cultural and economic barriers in our communities and to see that everyone has the same access to justice.